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Arabic Start Reading Booklet Level 1

Arabic Start Reading Booklet Level 1

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Arabic Start Reading booklet Level 1

The ideal booklet for Arabic reading instruction, designed to captivate learners, its vivid pages showcase the Arabic alphabet, offering an easy-to-follow guide to letter shapes and pronunciation with (Fat'ha) sound.

Ample practice exercises and enjoyable activities ensure that learning is reinforced and transformed into an immersive experience.

No matter their linguistics background, this booklet empowers learners to establish a solid foundation in reading Arabic.

 Suitable for 4 and up

Pages: 62 page

Ideal for both speakers and non-speakers alike.

- Learn the names of the Arabic alphabets 

- Learn the letters' shapes

- Learn the letters' sounds with (Fat'ha)

- Sound out and read 3 letter words with (Fat'ha sound).

- Practise your skills and read 3-4 letter words with (Fat'ha sound).

Next Step: Reading Booklet L2 (read with Fat'ha, Kasra and Damma)




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Customer Reviews

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Jad najjar
Great Arabic start.

Best book on the market for non Arabs, is the Arabic start Level 1.